I love hearing people's stories, their perspectives, experiences, obstacles and triumphs. We all have a unique story, but the more we listen, we discover all we have in common. We’re not so different after all, we all want love and happiness.  This is my story, a journal about everything that makes up me. 

Where We're Supposed To Be means things are how they are so we can experience growth, joy, compassion, sadness, frustration, acceptance, and love. Almost everything derives from the choices we make. For me that's the exciting part of life, choosing your direction and constantly changing with each experience and connection.

Jose & I finally ended up together and we're enjoying every moment. We are grateful for being blessed way beyond what we deserve and we're excited for what is coming our way. We got married September 4, 2010 and bought a home in Ogden, UT. We don't have children so we like to spoil our nieces, nephews and cat(s).

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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