Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've had some eventful days that I meant to post about, I'm already a week behind. Here's a condensed, quick version.

I've been spending a lot of time with friends lately because I need an attitude adjustment if I want to hang out around my family

Last Tuesday I met up with Ashley, Kevin, Brandon, & Noah at Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria.  As soon as I walked in I knew I would like the place with their vast beer selection and delicious sounding pizzas. I wasn't very hungry but it was so good I ate my whole pigs and piƱa pizza.

I stopped to say happy birthday to Bianca and give her a Kardashian calendar. 

Wednesday 1/25/12 was my brother-in-law's 12th birthday so Stela and I decorated his room.
Glow in the dark LED balloons

Stela & her little guy
Janeece trying to get some raisins
Happy I got to see my niece and nephew

Birthday boy!

Friday night I went out with Coco & Emanuel. We went up to Powder Mountain and then Wing Nutz. I haven't been called Squid in years. It brought back so many old memories to hear that nickname. 

Saturday we took Anthony to Boondocks for his birthday. Then we went back to his house for cake. 

$10 for every year of life
So that's what I was up to last week.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it Snowing Where You Are?

Looking out my work window at the thick flakes that were falling made me nervous to drive home. I stayed longer to let the 5 'o clock traffic clear up. Once I stepped outside I wasn't scared anymore. It hasn't been around much this year so I forgot the love I have for the white stuff. I'm enamored by seeing it, feeling it, and tromping through it so that's exactly what my my purple boots and I did. 


She was good at posing tonight 
My purple boots and Mooch
I want to leave with a song. There's no real reason but that I like what I hear. I'm listening to City and Colour, the more songs that play the more I want to share, but if you wanted to hear songs you'd seek them out.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Best Place to Be is Together

It's been a great weekend with Jose. He's been working really hard and just finished training his first student, so he got a few days off.

He took me out to dinner, it was so much fun just talking and laughing. Then we went to see Contraband. The movie was suspenseful, but really good.

We hung out in our living room snacking, watching TV, and him playing PS3 and me on the computer.

We stayed up until 3:00 AM the night before so we slept in until 2:00 PM. Bad, I know, but it doesn't happen often enough. Waking up so late made us lazy for the rest of the day. A friend of ours was having a birthday party, but we were feeling too lazy to go. We decided we would stay in and order some wings from Wing Nutz. The food must have given us the energy we needed, because we decided to get ready and go out. We got to Caysie & Parker's way late, like 11:00 PM, but just in time for cake.

Jessica's 22nd Birthday
Just wanna point out one thing I love about not having children is we can be impulsive and come and go whenever we want.
Jose doesn't like to pose for pictures
Jose had to go to work at 11:00 AM so I caught up on some more episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I spent a little time on Pinterest, but all of the pictures were making me hungry so I had to get off and make dinner. 

Salad, Garlic Bread, Grilled Chicken, Cheese Tortellini, and Limeade

After such a great weekend I'm ok that tomorrow is Monday. I'm ready to work hard and enjoy my week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Born to Shop, No Thank You.

As you may have learned from a previous post about the grocery store, I'm not that into shopping, but lately I've been on a spending spree. It's so easy to spend money so I had to lock myself up last weekend, at least until Monday came because I had a coupon for Express to get $25 off of $75. I've been needing more business casual pants for work because some days are just too cold for a dress. My friend recommended Express because of the quality and thickness of the pants. Thick is right, thick in price. One pair for $80. OK so I wanted to be smart and get more bang for my buck. I went to the clearance racks. I found 4 items, none of them pants. I just have a thing for dresses. I feel like they are very professional and sexy. Plus, pants are a pain for me because I'm too short and always have to hem them.

Continuing on, I got up to the counter and the boy said I couldn't use the coupon on clearance items. He said he would have done it for me anyway, but he just got in trouble for doing it. I liked the dresses so much I didn't care. They were on clearance so that made me feel better.

New dresses meant I may need new shoes and definitely a sweater because unfortunately a lot of dresses are made without sleeves. I found two pair of shoes and got distracted and bought a new shower curtain, bathroom rugs and new curtains for my living room. The surprise was I found a gift card from when we got married over a year ago to Bed Bath and Beyond, it had $50.00 on it.

I pictured wearing this dress with a salmon colored sweater, but I had no luck finding one. 
These may be scary, kinda high. They were only $12 though. 
It was time for a new one. The one we had was like 4 years old.
These memory foam rugs feel so good on the feet. I recommend them. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast for One

I woke up hungry and have been wanting to try the Carbon's Golden Malted Waffle Flour I got for Christmas. It's not very fun making a big mess cooking just for myself, but I enjoyed creating some amazing blackberry waffles this morning. I didn't have cool whip so I had to make my own whipped cream too.  I got to enjoy two hobbies at once, cooking and photography.

Friday, January 13, 2012

WSU 11th Annual Gospel Festival

Tonight my mom and I went to the WSU 11th Annual Gospel Festival. Gospel is one of  my favorite genres of music. The thing I enjoyed most was the presence of God in the place. It's so amazing that a community can gather together, no matter what church they belong to, to praise the Lord.

Taking pictures was shunned upon and I was asked to stop. I did get a few shots, but they aren't great.

Griffin Memorial Church of God in Christ Choir
WSU Choir
I was able to record a little, but the videos don't compare the how good it sounded.

  Praise him with the tambourine and dancing; praise him with strings and flutes!
                                                                                                       -Psalm 150:4

These are the True Vine Dancers. Their performance was amazing. I didn't record the most powerful part because I was overcome with how beautiful it was. 

It's Going to Be Alright

Awesome drummer

WSU Choir performed so well on this last song. I didn't start recording soon enough.

Closing song with all of the choirs 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gratitude Blurb

When I woke up this morning the day didn't feel any different, just another day, but there was no denying how happy and grateful I was feeling. So much happened the day before that the joy carried over. Each day should be like this.

Yesterday they laid Officer Jared Francom to rest after being one of seven shot (including the victim) last Wednesday. All morning co-workers were abuzz as the procession was going to be passing in front of our building. I personally thought everyone was making way too big of a deal about the whole situation. First of all because we don't exactly know what happened, we only know what the media is allowing us to know. Second, I have pride in my city and winced at the negative attention it was getting from the confrontation last week.

I lined up on the side walk along with many others as the motorcycle brigade passed. Next came the fire truck carrying Officer Francom, followed by his wife and daughters, then I felt why this was so important.  Many feel it's important to honor all of those who serve and protect us, which is fine, but as I looked in the car I didn't care about public service, my heart was only concerned for Mrs. Francom and the two little girls who were left behind.


I was able to have dinner with my parents and grandparents. I am forever thankful for the time I get to spend with them. 

I had a chance to make-up with an old friend. It was long overdue that we mend the tension between us. It feels so relieving to know that we have agreed to not have any expectations other than just knowing that we support each. 

I ended the evening by visiting my sister-in-law and her children. 

Here's a pic of Stela's cute babies.

 I went over around 7:30 PM and planned to be home by 10:00 PM at the latest. When I looked down at my watch I couldn't believe it was 12:30 AM.  She's that friend I can have little contact with for a long time and then get together and pick right up like no time has passed. Sometimes it just feels good to listen and have someone listen. 

Why we can be friends.

Here's a video I watched today that has a powerful message and reinforced the gratitude I was feeling today. 

Much love and thank you for reading. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I don't know about you, but I try to hold out as long as I can before I have to go grocery shopping. I think the main reason I dislike it so much is because it's expensive.

Here are a few signs that it was time to go to the grocery store.  Here goes a little advertising for the things I like.

 I was home alone and for an easy dinner I was in the mood for chili beans. I usually have 3 cans on hand, but I didn't have any.  I had to ask my neighbor, who didn't have any either. BTW, my neighbor is my brother so it wasn't a strange request.

Last night I was craving pancakes. My cousin Tiffany gave me this pancake/waffle mix for Christmas so I was excited to try it. Well, NO milk!

Those are the most significant moments I can remember, but I know there were times when I wanted to eat and had no soup, fresh veggies, tortillas, or bread. Thanks to my parent's chickens I had eggs. 

Since Jose is around less I don't have to cook very often. I miss cooking! Wednesday my brother invited me over for dinner which was such a treat because he's a damn good cook.  Sunday and some week nights I eat with my parents and grandparents, which is always fun to visit with them. 

Jose sent me the myShopi app. I joke with him that he was trying to give me a hint that I needed to go grocery shopping. So far it's one of the best grocery list apps I've used. Check it out. 

One thing I took for granted was grocery shopping with my husband. I used to hate going to Walmart with him because I'm the type of person who makes a list, gets in and gets out. Well not Jose, he prefers to wander and explore. We end up buying what I think are unnecessary items. 

Today we finally got to grocery shop. I enjoyed and appreciate the time we got to spend together. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Recap of 2011