Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitty's Halloween

Hello! What a fun Halloween it's been so far. After Saturday's festivities I was sooo over Halloween, but I woke up this morning, put my costume on and made a treat. Once I got to work and saw all of the fun costumes I was back in my happy Halloween mood. Here are a ton of pictures from my day.

Stairs at my mom's house

Halloween Treat

Crime scene in the loans department

Skeleton on vacation

Big Ang & Kitty

Untangling Denise's spiders

Denise, Cole, Ashliegh, & Eric

My desk

Red Solo Cup & Toby Keith

Watching scary movies and passing out candy
Mooch wanted to be in the picture

And now she's annoyed

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This weekend Jose and I went with my brother to donate plasma. Bro gets $50 a referral so we figured we’d earn an extra $95 each and he could get $100. If anyone would like to be my referral I could use an extra $50.

As I sat across the room staring at my handsome husband I wondered if we didn’t know each other and we happened to cross paths in that facility would we approach each other, would we go on a date, would we marry? Are we soul mates that were destined to find each other? I don’t believe in soul mates, he does.  

Donating plasma wasn’t so bad; it hurt more than donating blood. I haven’t decided if I want to continue. Depending on our financial situation it might be a good idea and extra Christmas money is always good. I felt like it was very time consuming and I barely have enough time to get my normal tasks done. In reality I waste a lot of time on the computer and watching TV so why not be more proactive and donate, make money, and work on homework.

Jose had an allergic reaction to something while donating. I was across the room and saw five techs gathered around him fanning him, propping his legs up, and ripping out the line. I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on. I felt helpless not being able to be by his side.  He said his hands cramped up and his wrists felt like they were going to snap. When we got home his back was itchy and full of welts. He has to speak with the doctor on Friday. Maybe he just shouldn’t go back.

Halloween Party 2012

I hardly put pics on Facebook anymore. If you look back at my old albums, which are sorted by month, many of them contain over 100 photos. I just don't feel like sharing on there lately.

Here are pics from this weekend’s Halloween party. Jose and Miriam invited us out to SLC and we took Chino and Elsa with us.
I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing Gris, Martini, & Miguel.

Elsa, Miriam, Me

Diana & Jose

Antonio, Jose, Jose & Jose ha ha ha

Elsa, Me & Miguel

Elsa, Me, Gris, Gris's niece, Miriam

The End

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spook! Boo! Who Cares!

This Halloween our activity planning committee sent an email out regarding desk decorating, which we do to make it fun for the employees' little ghouls that stop by to trick-or-treat. This was described under the theme spook.
The spook is traveling
No one knows for sure
Who it will be nabbing
This month for sure

Be on the lookout
For decorations galore
Or just a bag of goodies
No one knows for sure

Everyone is invited
So come join the fun
The spook is a travelin
This month for sure
Well Mrs. King didn't like that idea because she says it's a tradition to do BOO! Honestly if I knew she was going to be so dramatic about it I wouldn't have participated at all. I don't give a shit what we call it and the planning committee was first to get the message out so too bad for you Mrs. Control Freak.  Anyway I got sucked into BOO.  I wanted to do something different from all of the spider webs that were going up so I chose a devil theme for Tyler. 


I made the mirror with Tiffany V.'s help.

Cupcakes, skull cups, candles

 Here's what was on my desk! They've definitely kept me entertained.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burgers Baby

Monday flew by, before I knew it, it was 2 pm and I hadn’t taken my lunch yet. My brother gave me a sandwich around noon, so I wasn't hungry. I decided I’d run across the street to Smith’s and pick up a few things to make hamburgers for dinner. I ended getting all of the other groceries I needed too. I went to the self check out because I wanted to bag all of the stuff that needed go in the fridge together. That was not a good idea. I had 70 items and the self-checkout is a pain if you ring something up wrong. I felt like the attendant manning the self-checkouts was getting annoyed with me. She came over and took things out of my hands and scanned and bagged them herself. I was pleased with my total, only $100, for not being the grocery store in about a month and buying healthy food. 

I don’t really care for fast food hamburgers, but I love homemade burgers. As Jose was helping me put the groceries away he saw the package of ground beef and wasn’t too sure about me making my own hamburger patties. I couldn’t believe he’d never had homemade patties. We deep fried mushrooms and potato slices. I finished grilling the burgers just before it started pouring. It's sad that grilling days are coming to and end, but I'm ready for the snow!

 My grandpa gave me an umbrella the other day that really came in handy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Things

Jose and I used to do odd jobs for extra income. The contracting company called me the other day that they were in need of five people to help remodel a Family Dollar. I wanted the extra money, but it wouldn't work out with my schedule. I know a guy who has been trying hard to find a job, but hasn't had any luck. I gave him their number and he did the job. From what I hear he's going to continue on with them. I'm really happy it worked out for him. It was really sweet of him to thank me with a rose, card, and some cash to "buy a soda," he wrote.

I got to spend a little time with my mom and Virginia. We had soup in bread bowls and cherry pie.  I appreciate that they listened to my work drama as they sighed with relief that they no longer have to put up with the bullshit. Lucky them they both put 30 years in and retired.

Pie from Sandy's

My mom

La Novelera

One more sweet thing from this week was dinner with my brother. He's such a good cook. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

SOA Role Play

I am such a Son's of Anarchy fan. This weekend Jose and I did a little SOA role play. We got our bikes out, our leathers on and rode off to free a fellow brother. Ha ha we're weird, but it was fun.

I don't particularly like this pic of me, but Jose looks good so I'm going with it. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Such An Adult

I feel like the adult I’d imagined I’d be. When I was younger I dreamed of having a career that involved traveling. Last week my husband and I were both on business trips. Jose goes out more often than I do and sometimes I don’t know when he’ll be back. A co-worker of mine thought that was so strange, but we are a very independent couple so it works for us. I mentioned my thoughts to Jose that I like my free time and that I can handle being away from him, he just laughed, because sometimes I’m an emotional, needy wife.  

I went to Las Vegas with five other co-workers for a seminar about updates to our banking platform. Not the most exciting sessions, but Vegas is always entertaining.

                                            Sleepy man                                     Waiting for everyone else to get to the hotel 
                           Working it on the strip, flip flops and all               So freakin' disgusting, the streets of Vegas
                                                            Catered breakfast & lunch                  My baby wearing obsession
            Row all to myself                                    KC & Eric 
                                               Getting ready                                                Me, KC & David
                             Dinner at Dick's Last Resort                                                      The hat says it all! 
     Not cool!!!

                                                        Sushi Night                                                    Absinthe
Eric won a video camera

This seminar happened to be the week before a three day weekend so I postponed my flight home until Monday. I caught a cheap flight from Vegas to Long Beach to spend time with my husband’s sister and family. I felt so happy there. I’m so grateful to call them my family. 

                                              Playing games                                                         She's so sexy 
                   Cali Sunset                                                        I started doing homework so Leah pulled hers out
                                                                 Hiking                                           Getting a massage from Jimmy
                                                           3 footed kitty                                  Leilannie cleaning her room
                                                 Leah loves her puppy                                      
                                                  Hot from hiking                              Seeing how many grapes fit in his mouth

Monday morning I had breakfast with Jose’s best friend’s wife. I forgot to get a picture so this is all I have. She is 36 weeks pregnant and it’s a mystery as to what they’re having.

On the drive home from the airport I was telling my mom how interesting it is to be around teen girls. Not that they’re annoying, but it’s funny to remember that I was like that at one time. I told her how the whole car ride Lani and Jazmin were giggling non-stop, then she slapped me with, like you and Stela. Man I miss that girl.

Jimmy, Susie, Leah, Me, Lani, Jasmine, & Jaime at Famous Daves

I was happy to get home and see everyone, not so happy to catch up on homework. My way of unpacking is as I need something I get it out of my suitcase. My goal is to unpack by the end of the weekend. Hold me to it people.