Friday, February 25, 2011

He Will Supply

I've lost all ties with religion, but haven't lost my spirituality or love. I am continuously overwhelmed by how God has always supplied for Jose and me, never letting us go.

My last year of college I felt stuck at my job working the graveyard shift. I would go through periods where I felt like I needed to get out of there because I was exhausted and grouchy. It seemed like no matter how many applications I filled out I never got called for an interview. I couldn't understand why some of the places I was completely qualified for didn't even give me a chance. I stuck it out for a year before a position opened in the loan department at the bank I worked for. After three interviews they finally chose me. I was excited and grateful that no other employer called me back. If I would have left the bank I would have missed this opportunity. A new path was beckoning.

Three days before I started my new job, Jose quit his. I was happy for him. He always said he couldn't work construction forever. It was hard on his body, no benefits or chance for advancement, but he could never bring himself to break away from that paycheck. I'm glad they finally pushed him to quit. At the time I think I was in denial and didn't want to think about how life was going to change without all of Jose's income. His plan was to get a new job within a week, but I knew better. He hasn't had to look for a job in five years, and even then he got hooked up with the job, never having to apply or interview.

Weeks passed with no calls back for any jobs.

We started cutting back on eating out, going out and shopping. Ohh how we miss Wing Nutz. It made us realize how comfortable we were spending; however, cutting back is not hard when you have to.

I started to apply for part-time work. We picked up some one night jobs stocking paint at Walmarts in the area just to have some back-up money.  I ran into Joann Fabric and Craft for some supplies and noticed they were hiring. I applied, interviewed and was offered a part time job. Jose wasn't as excited as I was and didn't want me to accept. I believe that good things happen because of our choices and taking the opportunities presented to us. Of course I thought about how crappy it was going to be working 8 hrs then going to work for 4 more and not having weekends off. With minimal responsibilities(no children) and time sitting around bored at home I couldn't turn it down. I tried so hard to find a job when I worked graveyards but I was never presented with that chance because it wasn't supposed to happen. Being offered this job was happening because it was the way things are supposed to go.

I've worked at Joann's for a few days now and like that it is keeping me physically active. Also I found out I get a discount and can attend any of their classes for free. I think that's pretty cool.

Jose started school a few weeks ago to get his CDL. It is so nice to see him happy and learning. He should finish up in two more weeks. Then he's off. Starting out as a truck driver involves long haul driving, being gone for three weeks at a time. Now I'm thinking it's a good thing I have a part time job so I stay distracted from missing him.

Adjusting to a new means of living, spending more time in than out, and knowing that we soon will part has brought us closer together. This whole truck driver world seems so interesting. I work at a bank for truck drivers and soon my husband will be one.

Now back to addressing what I meant in the first paragraph by God supplying for us. There are two songs that I played everyday just to remind myself that it was all going to go how it should, and be okay.

He Will Supply by Kirk Franklin and For Every Mountain by Kurt Carr

Here is a list of ways that He never left us:

I got my Loan Processor job-more money, better hours.

Jose being able to go to school.

$100-Last November my uncle got laid off. Jose has always been such a good hearted, giving man. He gave my uncle $100 to help him out, never asking or expecting to be repaid. Well a few weeks after Jose quit my uncle showed up and gave Jose $100. Someone is definitely up there loving us because that was definitely going to come in handy.

Part-time job opportunities

Loving, supportive family

Being able to rent our back house 

Nice savings account balance

Bonus at work

Sold rims

and the list can go on and on...

but I would like to get to my final thoughts. Making good choices will land you in good places. When things start going wrong it's necessary to evaluate what you're doing that is bringing you down and get away from that. Stay away from buying because you "want" or buying more than you can afford.  It's important to save money because you never know when your nice paycheck won't be coming in anymore.  Most important don't forget that God will always give you what you need.