Monday, September 8, 2014

4th Anniversary

Time passes so quickly, I feel like just yesterday we were having dinner on our 3rd anniversary. Too much has happened in a year and it has by far been the hardest year. It feels good to finally be in a good place. I almost hate the saying "trust the process," but sometimes it's all you can do. Communication is good, schedules are good, money is good. We're having a good time and know we want this life together. 

I got Jose a few random gifts and have turned him on to expensive underwear. I picked them because I thought his butt would look good in some fun prints, but it turns out he likes how they feel and wants to buy more. 

We had dinner and drinks at Olive Garden. All we have are Snapchats, no good pics. I usually take a couples picture each year so we can look back on each year, we forgot to do it the day of so we did it the next day while we were at home relaxing. It's not cute, but it's real. 

As we were stopped to turn right out of Olive Garden's parking lot a guy pulled in and I could see him looking over his shoulder the whole time he was turning, he hit into our truck. It was more inconveinent than anything. All persons are fine, the truck will need some work. 

After September passes I'll be ready for year 5. Hopefully it involves some baby making, a new vehicle, and plenty of adventure. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Time Spent in Mira Loma

On our way to and from Mexico we stopped in Mira Loma to spend time with our friends and family there. It was a little chaotic this time with so many people, my sister-in-law recovering from surgery and so many new baby animals on the rancho. None the less it was a great time. 

Susie has two bulldogs who were both pregnant. Talk about delicate dogs, they had to be inseminated and have c-sections. Here's one of the five pups. 

Kitten and puppy keeping each other warm. 

I love how social food is. Everyone helps in some way and we eat some damn good food with great conversation.

Huge Pizza

 Jaime preparing the salsa


 I'm always down to try mysterious things. No one would tell me what was in this until I ate it. Apparently it was crab brains and other nasty body parts. It was spicy and delicious.

This fried fish was so good, I would've eaten more than one, but I had to leave enough for everyone else. 

Jose pouring water for Magaly to make corn tortillas. She added cilantro to the masa, something I've never seen before, it gave it a good flavor. 

My mother-in-law and her friend. I've never seen her laugh so hysterically. I wasn't fast enough to record them laughing, but here they are making tortillas. 

Jose's best friend Chris stopped by with costillistas

Menudo simmering for breakfast before we head back to Utah.

One thing I really like about California is how heavily saturated it is with Mexican culture. There are so many local specialty shops and the paletero drives buy selling popsicles and snacks. 

Kids are so funny. Leah got sick of the littles ones, kicked them out of her playhouse and made this note for the door. Janeece, in the most serious voice, asked me if Leah was going to get a spanking because she really needs one. It made me LOL. 

We celebrated Jaime's 60th birthday.