Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Baby Announcement X 2

Last Thursday I found out my cousin Rachel was pregnant so I had already planned to write this post with a throwback picture of her. Not even a week later her sister announced she’s pregnant. Seriously that is like a dream come true to be pregnant sisters. Okay…I probably don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t have a sister, and I'd probably want all of the attention, but they’re not like that. I think it’s so fun that these two little cousins will be the same age and hopefully grow up to be best friends like we were and like this quote found a on Pinterest suggests, 

Grandma’s House
The place cousins go to become best friends.

I’m so happy and excited for them to have children. I’m the only one left out, but I can’t get distracted. Sometimes it seems like Spring 2014 will never come, but I know it’s coming at an accelerated pace and I have a lot of work to do.

Like I’ve previously said I like sending things through the mail. I found these cute cards for the parents-to-be and grandparents-to-be. My friend Crystalee recently wrote a post about cursive becoming obsolete so in addition to sending something by mail, I wrote in cursive. I use cursive when jotting down notes, but it’s something only I can decipher. It was a fun challenge to write legible and oh so pretty. 

For the grandparents-to-be

I didn't buy this one because it was only for a grandma-to-be, but I loved the words


  1. love that flashback photo! Like you, I grew up with cousins close in age (I wish we had lived closer!) so I know how great cousin relationships can be. :) Congrats to your two cousins and their babies on the way! They will love those cards, so thoughtful of you. :)


  2. How cute you all look, it seems like just yesterday. I am glad you were able to be close to your cousins and hang out together. How nice that you are sending cards and personalizing them, that is such a lost art.

  3. What a cute post! Love this, Priscilla, and appreciate you linking to my cursive post. I've been surprised at how strongly people feel about cursive, and I think it's great you're keeping the art alive!

    And congrats to both of your cousins - that will be so fun for them to have babies together. Someday you're going to join them in the Mama Club, and me too!