Monday, January 27, 2014

Do you ever...?

Do you ever have a schizophrenic pay you a visit?

Do you ever get a 4 AM phone call that your aunt's apartment is on fire?

Do you ever go to your grandpo's to do a puzzle, but he only wants to play on his iPad?

Do you ever go take a bath in your mom's amazing bathtub?

Do you ever have vulnerable conversation at 5 AM?

Do you ever go visit your family because you feel so down on yourself that you just need their love?

Do you ever go watch old home videos of yourself to remind you that you've been a good person.

Do you ever go to Boondocks twice in one week?

Do you ever remember what it's like to be 14 and choose your friends over your family?

Do you ever call in sick to nurse your husband back to health? 

MLK Weekend in Vegas

Martin Luther King Jr. Day meant a three day weekend and we were ready to get away. I wanted somewhere warm and Jose just needed to get out of the house, since he's been cooped up all winter. 

We decided on Las Vegas.  As much as I dislike Vegas I was excited about being warm and getting away. I also wanted to check out the Burlesque Hall of Fame after hearing about it from Melody Sweets from Absinthe

The drive was nice, I love seeing the red rock in Southern Utah. We got an early start to Vegas, arriving around 8:00 AM. We couldn't check into our room until noon so we played slots and had a bloody mary or two. I was on an empty stomach and feeling good. We wander to eat some really good sopes at Tacos El Gordo, then back to the bar. We did our usual drinking and meeting new people at the bar. Time flew by and before we knew it we'd been imbibing for 12 hours. 

We went to the China town area for sushi and I got an amazing massage. We went to Mystére, which was pretty cool, but expensive since we didn't make it to the buy one get one half off ticket sales place. 

The main reason I hate Vegas is because the drunkenness always turns into drama. I got out of hand and we're still slowly recovering a week later. We got a chance to do some fun things and I got to feel the sun, but Vegas and I  just don't mix. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Babysitting Weekend

We got to babysit this weekend and boy two toddlers and being sick was a challenge. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun with our niece and nephew. We popped popcorn, watched movies and visited Rancho de Los Locos.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Stela & Aaron's Wedding

Stela and Aaron tied the knot this weekend. Congratulations to them, because although challenging, marriage is so special. I wish this little Garcia family nothing but love and support. 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year: 2014

This new years eve we made a soft confirmation to go to a friend's house party, but Jose and I were in bad shape. Him with a cyst on his tonsil and me with a cold. We showered and started getting ready, but laid down and it was highly likely that neither of us were going to get up. Then Kenny called with enough motivation to get us going. We had a mild night of drinking and playing Catch Phrase. It was quite fun and a low key way to say goodbye to 2013 with friends. 

My one resolution is to set better boundaries and stick to them. I'm too much of a people pleaser and often times give in to what others want while sacrificing myself. I can't do it anymore. I'm looking forward to an amazing year of strength, love and connection.