Thursday, July 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Jackasses

July 12, 2006

I was looking through my external hard drive this morning trying to see what I could find from a previous July 12th. When I saw these I knew I had to share. I was going to write from memory but I was having trouble remembering which pet it was and the details of what happened. I knew I wrote this story down somewhere. I looked through my emails because before Google Docs I used to save journal entries as drafts in my email. I finally founded it on my MySpace blog. 

I'm posting my original blog post because it's an interesting look back at 18 year old me. It's actually kind of embarrassing how immature I sound. I've also included a few comments that were left on my post because the dialogue between my brother and I is hilarious. Don't worry, we're good friends and I'm glad we can tell each other like it is. 



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So today sucked.....I was home from work for only a few minutes when a neighbor pulled into our front yard. I was on my way outside when I saw him. He asked if we had a burro, I couldn't even understand what the heck he was saying I thought he was asking somthing about a burrow. So anyways I finally understood what he was saying, he had our mule in his dog run, because she got through the fence.

I hopped in the car and followed him to his house and sure enough it was Sammy. My dad is out of town for work so I called brother,who was at work, to see if I should just walk her around to the house. I didn't know what harness to get because all I could find was these retarded Mexican ones. I got the harness and didn't want to walk through the street, all the way around to the guy's house, so I just went through the back yard. I had to jump the stupid fence which took me a minute, but I finally got over.

I got Sammy all harnessed and started walking her home. The road I had to take her on is kind of busy, so there were several cars passing, I don't know if she got scared because she started going all crazy. I still had the rope in my hand but duh....the mule is obviously stronger than I am and she took off running, dragging me behind her across the gravel and the road. I didn't really have time to worry about that though, I was just tryin to get the stupid mule out of the road cuz there were trucks and cars. 

Sammy ran all the way back to the guys house. After almost getting home she went all the way back to where we started. This guy pulled over and walked back to the guy's house with me. I felt so dumb because he saw me fall. We locked her back up in the dog run and I started walking home. The guy didn't even offer me a ride...which is an ok thing cuz u shouldn't ride with strangers and I needed to walk back and look for my phone. I found my phone and called my brother to let him know that the plan didn't work. I knew better than to tell my mom because it's her greatest fear that the animals will get out when my dad's gone, plus she's mad because he won't sale them to pay for my college. That would only make things worse if she knew the mule got out and I was hurt. I couldn't get a hold of my dad and I really didn't want him to worry about it while he's away. I'll just wait until he gets home. I thought brother was the only one I could trust until he started yelling at me and telling me that I'm dumb. Ok whatever....I tried.

When I got home my grandma was on the porch so I tried to sneak in the drive way so she wouldn't ask any questions.  I didn't want her to know cuz she would tell my mom 4 sure. I went up stairs to take a shower and check out my wounds. I have road rash all up my legs and arms and stomach. I wasn't going to cry for some cuts.

Brother came home from work as I was getting out of the shower. He started yelling at me asking where the mule was. He said "I don't care about you, just tell me where the stupid mule is." So I told him. Well that was it... I am so not the person to cry over anything but I did. Lame huh. Oh well he made me feel really bad.

Bro in respone to your text if I'm ok----what do you think jackass?

The End

    • ELSA Fierce.:DnT kNo My NaMe jUsT …
      5 years ago
      ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaqhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ok my hands are tired but if i could go longer i would lol!! thats funny man i love you !!
      5 years ago
      Alfredo Perea
      Hello!  This is actually Kate!!!  I feel so bad for you!  I've been there before chasing cows and stuff!!!  Horrible isn't it.  I don't know if you are an animal lover, but I have an idea for you, the next time it happens CALL ME!!! And I will come over with my shotgun and take care of everything!!! (the jackass)  And then you can blame it on some crazy lady woman who came and shot the think cause she thought it was ugly!  Kisses Dearie!!!  Note:  I hope you don't love the animal, if you do, then I will just have my dad kill it!!!)  I LOVE YOUR BRO TOO!!!
      6 years ago
      Alfredo Perea
      well sutpid ass let go of the rope and be smart no shit the mule is stronger than u
      ok this is the jackass this story is written about let me tell you she is stupid what do u want me to do i was at work .
      but being the jackass that i am i left work, lost money, and got ur stupid ass mule and on top i got home to ask her where the bitch ass donkey was and she dosent answer ur lucky i didn't beat the shit out of u right there. so in conclusion to jackass i say stupidass
      6 years ago

So far this has been my favorite flashback. This is one of those stories that is in no way funny at time, but 6 years later I can laugh, and I have been all day. 


  1. You had a donkey?! That's awesome!!! I just had to get that out of the way, lol. I found it interesting to read the writings I made back when I was 17-19 as well. all I can say... I was kinda immature and, well...dumb. But I'm sure if I read the stuff I wrote at this moment in time 10 years later, I'd probably say the exact same thing I did about the writing I did in my late teens. The important thing is that you can witness your growth, and learn from it. Take care Priscilla.

    1. Yeah my dad is really in to mules so he has a mammoth jack donkey that he uses to breed mules.

  2. This is a great flashback. I am really sorry you got injured. I can't help but thank you for protecting me! Sometimes we have to suffer great pain and injury protecting the ones we love, most people say that figurativlely, but in your case it is literal. I am glad the Jackass and the Stupidass have been and continue to be there for each other. Thanks for sharing! Sammie Mae the mule continues to be a handful, the moral of the story is knowing when to let go. ;0)

  3. HAHA that is funny. It made me laugh :) Just curious though, what is that picture of on the lower left side??