Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Week 14/52

Niko is such a cutie! I absolutely love him. We went to the Memorial Day Sale at Savers and ran into Josie and Genevieve. Niko got some Garcia kisses.
My high school math teacher came up to me and said hi too. I was so happy to see him and impressed he remembered me. I'd say that that was one teacher who inspired me, not because he offered any individual attention, but because he was a good teacher, his class was a safe space where I felt comfortable, he swore, didn't put up with any bullshit and I made friends in there with a variety of kids. Ok, that was a tangent not about my child in the photo, but it all connects. 

All I ever want is to have family time on our days off and go on adventures. Jose, with no nagging said, "let's go to Bear World in Idaho." I said no at first because I had already committed to going to my friend's daughter's birthday party. As I thought about it I had to choose my family. It feels very rare that Jose wants to do things like this so I wasn't going to pass it up. I love long drives and exploring. It was a great weekend. Che loves to wear boots like his dad.