Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 2/52


Every other day Che wakes up in a good mood, saying good morning and being so loving. Other mornings he wakes up crying, needing to be comforted all morning. This particular morning he and I were the only ones awake and he wanted to go play outside. It was and exceptionally warm morning. We snacked and played. It was a really good time alone with him. 

Niko had his 1st bath with me while Che napped. He usually gets a bath in the sink but I wanted this experience with him since I often bathed with Che. It's just harder with the 2nd child because I never get a break from the 1st. I love this profile pic of him. He's so solid and beefy. He's a stinky guy. I don't remember Che stinking like Niko. I only bathed Che once a week; with Niko I need to do every other day.