Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day Full of FREE

Today was a great day full of FREE, FREE, FREE.

It all began with waking up from violent free dreams. It was nice not having teeth grinding dreams about injuring a certain piece of shit someone. 

Today was national pretzel day. I got a soft, warm pretzel from Pretzelmaker for lunch.

Victoria's Secret gave out Secret Angel cards. The secret being that the card could have $10-$500 on it. For sure it was guaranteed to have $10. I was hoping for $500, but I was still satisfied with $10 to spend.

IFA was giving away a free tomato and strawberry plant just for coming in. Someday when it stops snowing I will plant a garden.

Last and perhaps my favorite surprise deal of the day was going to the CinePointe Theatre where movie tickets are $3. It turns out Tuesday night is date night so we got 2 for 1. We watched Rango and had popcorn and two drinks for the price of what one ticket would have cost at the regular theater.

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