Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day and My 25th Birthday

It’s Valentine’s day and my 25th birthday and I love it! Twenty-five feels like a good age to me. I enjoy getting older and growing as a person. Maybe I’m not where I thought I’d be, but it’s where I’m supposed to be. 

For the past 14 days I've been receiving sweet gifts from my biggest fan—my mom.  
When I got to work today I found this on my desk from my dad. It’s his thing and it’s really special to me because he’s away working, but remembered. He would always send me flowers at school on my birthday, now that I have to be an adult I loved getting them at work.
I love this día de amor y amistad. It’s not just for lovers, but for friendship. I was able to have my friends Ashley and Kevin over this week for a little Valentine’s dinner, drink and conversation. I wish I would've remembered to snap a picture of the 3 of us.
Jose says he doesn't care about Valentine’s day but one year I gave everyone Valentine cards and not him and he was butt hurt. So this year I decided I was going to be cheesy and love on him. I saw this idea that my cousin, Asa, did for his fiancé and thought I’d steal and tweak it. I placed 52 card throughout the house with things I love about him! 
At work we had lunch from Chik-Fil-A and my favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It’s fun sitting around bullshitting with my department. 

That was a whole lot going on for one post, but I want to end off with this little playlist of songs that remind me of my love for my husband. P.S. I recently started using Spotify and I love it! 

It was such a great birthday with the people I love. There's more to come this weekend at Sunday family dinner. I hope you had a special Valentine's Day! 

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