Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nichole & Ashley's Wedding

This wedding snuck up on me. They did everything right by sending save the date and invitations ahead of time, but the best reminder was the Facebook Event. I was in a weird spot after Elsa's death, not really in the mood for fun, but I said I was going and I don't like to flake out on people when I say I'll be there. I usually ask myself, that this will be the one and only time I'll ever get to experience this event, is it something I want to miss? 

The wedding was at Red Butte Gardens, which is so close to the U. I can't believe during the 3 years I lived there I didn't take advantage of visiting such a beautiful place. 

I was already emotional, but hearing these two read their vows made me feel happy and lucky for all of the opportunities there are in this world to love.  

Nichole is my old co-worker from NUAP so a lot of my old work crew was there. We had a blast dancing up until the very last song. I think it was just what I needed, to be surrounded by love, music, and dancing. 

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