Thursday, March 3, 2011


Joann's makes me want to sew, crochet, quilt, knit, paint, bake, take photos, and on and on and on.

There are so many cool things there. When I'm working I just want to look around, but never can. I have been gathering ideas of what to make. Most things are for my nieces and nephew and any new babies I know of.

Here's a quick idea list:
Lani-something with soccer fabric because it seems to be all she talks about lately
Jimmy-toothfairy pillow. I found this cool shark fabric
Leah-hmmm something cute
Merly-something for her baby
Stephanie and Marcelo-some cool idea I got for a wedding gift. I can't give it away because she might read this if she gets bored.
Janeece-shoes, clothes, books, blocks

I'm going to need my mom's help because I don't know much about sewing. They offered me free classes at work but I haven't been to any yet.

Soon I will post something amazing that I make. 

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