Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pushing Me Further

I've never needed any pushing when it comes to my education or career, but for all of the other little things in life I have a partner that pushes me for the better. I posted about how my little motorcycle just wasn't cutting it on long rides and I knew eventually I'd need to upgrade, but I had decided I would let that be my graduation present in one year. My husband thought differently, he thought now was the best time. I'm grateful for how much time he spent looking for the perfect bike for me. We knew it needed to be short enough for me to reach the ground and something that wasn't too heavy. He asked me if I wanted an 880 or a 1200, I told him if I'm upgrading I'd better go big or go home.  He found a really good deal on a bike in Tooele, UT that is a Harley Sportster 1200 Low. 

Friday night we made the hour drive to check it out. The drive was so beautiful as the most recent storm blew in. I can't wait to go back and take my time taking it all in and get some good shots of the lake and mountains out that way. 

I wasn't fully convinced from the photos of the bike, but once I saw it in person I loved it. It's not the bright red I thought it was, it's a darker red and just perfect. I could reach the ground and it already has a windshield and saddlebags. The only thing that will take some getting used to are the forward controls, but in the long run they'll probably be more comfortable. Now here's where some pushing came into play. My mind is a powerful thing and it often times holds me back. I was super nervous to test drive the bike, thinking I'd probably drop it or die, but I had to keep telling myself it works the same as my current bike and I know how to ride. I got my boots and helmet on and glided around the block, it was awesome. Lately I've been thinking about this quote because I really need to tell my mind to shut up and stop holding me back. I'm more capable than I let myself think I am. 

Here she is. 

Just friendly reminder to all of the drivers out there, please watch out for those on motorcycles. 

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