Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Mess of a Night

Tonight is not my night. 

I have a to-do list a mile long with things I want to get done before I leave on my trip. Since my husband has been gone I've felt like I've had time and motivation to work on projects I've had in mind. I've had some special photos in frames for over a year that I finally hung and they look as awesome as I envisioned. When I'm finished with the whole project I'll post about it. My kitchen theme is traditional Mexican, so I wanted to add a few cacti or plants in authentic pottery on my windowsill. Well in order to do that, I needed to shorten the blinds I've had up for five years. It's been one of those things I never got around to and didn't care much about. Seriously of all nights why did I choose tonight to do this? I don't have instructions for the blinds anymore, or maybe I just didn't feel like looking for them, so I set out to adjust them on my own. Let's just say I really fucked them up. I decided to turn to YouTube, but didn't quickly find what I wanted so I looked at other intact blinds that I have and am trying my best to copy their set up. In the  mean time I cut my finger hanging up the intact blinds and didn't notice until I started bleeding all over the white blinds I was working on. When I went to get a band aid off of a high shelf I assumed the toilet seat was closed so I stepped on the toilet without looking and dunked my foot in the toilet water. After that I decided I better take a break to re-group and eat my burnt sweet potato chips and tilapia with a nice cup of unsweetened ice tea, but not in a glass cup because with my luck I'd probably shatter it and bleed a little more tonight. 

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