Monday, March 30, 2015

And Then You Wait

I guess they call it the dreaded two week waiting period. You've ovulated, now you're waiting to see if you get your period. I would say I wasn't extremely hopeful that the artificial insemination was going to work. They say you can try up to 7 times before you have to try more specialized fertility treatments.

We went to New York for the weekend. I didn't drink, just in case. I'm a big believer in no alcohol whatsoever during pregnancy and if you're trying to conceive why would you play around with alcohol if there's a chance you're pregnant. People do it, I'm judgemental, oh well. 

While we were in NY we went to Macy's to see the Christmas decorations. While we were there we wrote Santa a little message and put it in the mailbox so it could be sent to the North Pole. 

Around the time my period was supposed to start I had some pelvic cramping and my nipples felt tender, but I was just listening to my body extra closely and noticing PMS symptoms.  

On the day I was supposed to get my period I went to a yoga class and thought it was really unusual that after savasana, I usually roll to my right side, but that day I felt like switching it up and rolled to my left. The teacher prompted everyone to roll to their left if they were pregnant. That surprised me because I've never heard her say that. Why today? Could it have been a sign from the universe? 

I like to hold out on surprises and not spoil them earlier than I need to. I'm sure a part of me didn't want to take the early pregnancy test and be disappointed. I waited two days after my expected period date before testing. Even then I didn't want to, but Jose on the other hand can't wait for surprises. 

I peed and went about brushing my teeth. I was in too much suspense and didn't even want to look at the test. Jose came in and asked me what the answer was and I told him I couldn't look. He looked and it was a yes. He was so happy and teary eyed. I was in disbelief and very happy. 

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