Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Photo A Day

As you may know I don't go anywhere without a camera and when I'm really into taking pics I bust out all three, my DSLR, point-&-shoot and phone. I take pictures daily and thought it would be fun to have a focus each day. I hope to improve my creativity and photography skills.

1. Your View Today
I discovered this challenge a day late and this was the only picture I took on the 1st of February. After work I ran into Walmart to buy a few things to make tostadas de jaiba for dinner. We also needed bread so I grabbed a loaf. I was starving so I ate a slice in the parking lot.

2. Words
Words don't describe how ridiculously priced this shirt/dress is. $118.

3. Hands
I took a lot of pictures today while I was babysitting my niece and nephew, but I forgot to focus on hands. Here's all I could come up with. 
Busy Hands
4.  A Stranger

5.  10AM
Still in bed at ten o' clock. This was the closest thing to me.

Jose's phone
6. Dinner
Tonight we celebrated my dad's 49th birthday. 

7. Button(s)
I save all the extra buttons that come with my clothes. I never use them, mostly because I misplace them and because I've not had my buttons ripped open. 

8. Sun
It was overcast in Ogden all day and then it started snowing. The snow was enough to clear up the sky and I was able to snap this picture after work. 

9. Front Door
This is my front door, don't hesitate to knock and come visit me. 

10. Self Portrait
Today was Sister Gamon's funeral. 

11. Makes You Happy
The only pic I took today was of an old pic so I could send it to Tiffany. It's of my little cousins. One thing that makes me happy is little kids. 

12. Inside Your Closet 
This is one of our closets Jose built. We have another one downstairs for more shoes, coats, dresses, and season clothing. I'm super anal about color coordinating my clothes.

13. Blue
I work in the loan department at TAB Bank financing semi-trucks and trailers. I snapped this shot of a model truck I have at my desk. 

14. Heart
Today is my 24th birthday and Valentine's day. My favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting. 

15. Phone 
I feel like I've been taking a lot of pics at work and here's another one. 

16. Something New
New shoes! 

17. Time 
I didn't think I took any pictures today that represented time, but as I looked through I found this one. I was compiling pictures for another post and this is what I jotted down. 

18. Drink
How perfect today was my friend Ana's 21st birthday and we definitely had drinks. 

19. Something I Hate To Do
I HATE driving in SLC with all of the damn center medians. I hate having to U-Turn and backtrack because these shits are in the way. 

20. Handwriting
I took this picture of a note I left for Jose. I put it right where he wouldn't miss it. 

21. A Fav Photo of You

22. Where You Work

23. Your Shoes

24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

25. Green

26. Night
Good night

27. Something You Ate
Have I mentioned my favorite snack is almonds.

28. Money
This is a crappy pic of a Comchek. I work with these at TAB and Jose gets paid by Comchek. 

29. Something You Are Listening To
I've had this song on repeat all month. 
Si No Te Hubieras Ido by Marco Antonio Solis


  1. What a fun idea! Way cool you're doing this. I love your blog background too; fun colors, Priscilla!