Friday, April 13, 2012


I started the LiveFit Trainer by Jamie Eason on Tuesday. It's a 12 week program broken up into 3 phases that focus on 3 components; training, to build muscle tissue; nutrition, to boost metabolism; and supplementation. The thing I like the most is the day by day guide which includes a nutrition guide, because I never know what to believe when it comes to eating healthy. The meal plan is geared towards increasing your protein intake to promote healthy tissue growth. The diet is tough because I'm not used to eating such large portions so frequently. You must eat one hour after waking, which I'm never hungry that early, then you continue to eat every three hours throughout the day. It focuses on clean eating, meaning nothing processed, mostly meats, veggies, and a shit load of eggs.

Here's a look at some of my meals. One added benefit is I have to wake up early enough to be able to get my first meal in by 7:00AM so I've been on time to work.

Egg White Omelet & 3 Corn Tortillas for Breakfast
Chicken Muffins & Veggies for Mid-Morning Meal
6 oz. of chicken is way more than I expected, brown rice & cucumber with lime
Mid-Afternoon Meal 
Tostadas de Jaiba, again 6 oz. of meat is a lot to fit on 3 tostadas
Pork Chop, brown rice, peas for dinner
The second thing I like about the program is it provides instructional videos of how to do each exercise. Besides getting fit I've also had to step out of my comfort zone and ask people for help at the gym. The first day was triceps and chest. I left struggling to use fine motor skills, hold my steering wheel and open doors, because my muscles were going crazy. I've loved the workouts so far, probably because it's all weight lifting and no cardio until Phase 2.

It's not my favorite thing to hear people who go on and on about how they can't eat this or that because they're on a diet or they'll get fat, it always sounds like low self-esteem to me. I don't want to be one of them so maybe the next time you hear about this will be when I get to Phase 2.

Reasons Why
This is the first time I've ever attempted to do a comprehensive fitness program. If you're wondering why I've decided to get fit, it's silly. I used to think people were full of crap when they would blame their weight gain on birth control. I stopped taking mine last July and lost 10 lbs, so okay, maybe it's a little true. I recently decided to start taking it again, and don't want to gain those pounds back. Also, I'm really big on preparation and planning so when we decide to have a children I want a healthy body to sustain the little souls. I'm really intrigued in manipulating my body and seeing what it's capable of. I had my body composition assessed and my body fat is 39.8%(danger zone) and I weigh 145 tons. I am interested in finding out what it is after the 12 weeks.

If you're curious to know more about the program go here.


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