Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally Taking That Vacation

Most people get excited about vacation, but it stresses me out! I'm the person that wants to plan everything, find deals, and make the most of my time, then when it doesn't work out I get really bummed. Through the years of traveling with Jose he's really taught me that I must be flexible.

When we bought my ring it came with a free cruise. Right after that we got a phone call regarding a cruise and I thought it was the one that came with the ring. Turns out it wasn't and free DOESN'T really mean free. I'm such a sucker when it comes to wheeling and dealing. I'm working on learning how to say no. Anyway I never booked this cruise we've been stuck with for the past 3 years because the timing wasn't right, money was tight, and I'm scared it will be the the cruise from hell. 

I was thinking we'd go during winter when Jose is off from work and it's frigid here, but the man wanted to go in July. I was pretty against July because scorching hot weather and I don't mix. Turns out May is going to have to work because that's when I could book the flights with our airline miles and I'll be on break from school. 

I'm excited to explore new places so let the countdown begin! 

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