Sunday, March 10, 2013

Updated YouTube Channel

I recently went to Peter Shankman Takes Utah hosted by the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City and aside from the humor, I took away two things from Peter that I want to place more emphasis on in my life.  

The first was to reach out to people when you don't need anything. I feel like I already do this by visiting people when I'm in their area and texting or calling them when I'm thinking abou them, but I can always do better. 

The second thing he talked about was using video. It's so easy to record footage on our phones and share it. Every once in awhile I'll record, but only recently have I started understanding what a great way it is to preserve memories far beyond what a photograph can do. People are looking for an experience and video is a way to give them that experience. He also mentioned how important it is to put your name on your work just in case you go viral. 

This past week I had been thinking about my sister-in-law and reached out to her just to say hi. She told me how fast life goes when you have children and how amazed she is with all the new things her kids are learning. I mentioned that she should record some videos and share them. A few days later she emailed me the cutest video of her 2 year old daughter cleaning her room and making her bed.

I started thinking about the videos I've recorded but never shared, so I started uploading them to YouTube, 107 videos later I finally finished with what I recorded between 2006-2012. I'm pretty sure Jose thought I was nuts laughing uncontrollably at things that probably aren't funny to anyone but me and maybe the people in them. 

There's a huge range from teen years, church choirs, and family time. Now that they're backed up everyone can share in the memories and I don't have to worry about them accidentally getting erased and lost forever from my hard drive. 

Check them out, maybe you're in one. 

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  1. Omg. My graduation speech. Can't believe you still have that!!!