Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weeknight Birthday Celebration

It was my last night of class, meaning mind numbing presentations, but I just kept reminding myself of the 9 week break ahead. I got out of class at 8:30 PM feeling tired and wanting to spend time with my husband, but it was also my little cousin's birthday and his parents were having a little celebration for him. I decided to stop by the party before going home because a lot of my extended family that I miss and don't see often enough were there. I'm glad I went, I love getting high off the love I feel for everyone. 

I bounce back and forth between adult conversation and the kids. I am the 25 year old jumping on the trampoline or playing games. Sometimes I feel like I should act more mature and sit around with the adults, but my spirit just doesn't agree. I would much rather spend my time seeing little smiles and making memories with the youngins. 

These first two pictures are of my Tio Nato, he reminded me of my dad, especially seeing how he loves playing with kids. 

Tio Nato, Enrique Jr., and Maya
Kiki, Elias, & Emily
2 years old!
This was my first time meeting my 4th cousin Emiliano

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  1. Hehe, I'm always the adult playing with the kids too. It's way more fun ! Oh I hear you on the break ! I just started my last term at university for the year and last term was so gruelling I am just so not in it :( At least I have a 3 months break after this term for the summer. I can't flipping wait !