Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chiropractic Treatment

A few months back I got a massage from a friend who offered me a voucher for a chiropractic consultation at her place of employment. I thought it would be interesting to try it, even though I was pretty skeptical. Since 2008 I've had this on and off pain in my tailbone area, I've discussed it with a few doctors, but they just recommended I ice it. My hopes with visiting the chiro were to find more than temporary relief.

The consultation involved x-rays that showed two things, the right one shows that I have a slight curve in my spine, but it’s not really a concern, it's the left one that helped identify the problem. It shows that my spin slopes more abruptly than usual at the bottom causing some of my facet joints to hit together which is causing the pain I feel in my lower back and tailbone. The treatment prescribed is three visits a week for the first four week, then drop it down to two visits for four weeks, then one visit a week for four weeks. 

At first I ruled out the idea because there was no way I could make it out to his office in Syracuse three times a week. I considered finding a different doctor up in Ogden, but it all worked out when I got the new job in Clearfield. 

I don’t know if it’s psychological but ever since I went to that consultation I swear my back pains have been more frequent, so I was excited to get started. My back feels pretty good other than being a little sore from being adjusted. Aside from the treatment I like the doc, he won me over with his enthusiasm for higher education for women. He’s encouraging his wife to pursue her masters and he’s already told his daughters that not going to college is not an option.

I'm curious to hear your experience with this type of alternative treatment.

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