Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ms. Health Educator

It's finally happening. Two years and four months after graduating with my bachelors I landed a health educator job. It feels good knowing I can end the search and be done with all of the interviewing.  At the beginning of March I went to the first interview, but wasn't very hopeful because you have to make it into the top 5 to be considered. I'd interviewed with this county before and was number 8. This time I made it into the top five and got called for a 2nd interview where I had to give a 10 minute presentation. They said they'd decide within two weeks, but called back three hours later offering me the position. I was beyond excited, but skeptical after what happened with the last job offer

It's starting to feel real after saying goodbye to my co-workers at TAB. We had a nice going way lunch at Wing Nutz and dessert at Beyond Glaze. I am really going to miss them. My bosses were sad as the sent off another one of their babies, who came to them so innocent, into the world. Somedays were hard, but I am leaving with so much gratitude for what I learned and the chance I had connect with so many people in the past three years. 

I hope I'm not too excited that I can't get a good night's rest. This is what I've work so hard for and it's finally mine, so you better believe I'm going to go in there and exceed their expectations.

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