Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emperor Penguins

See this picture

I discovered it when Jose wanted me to order him a new debit card because his is selective about where it wants to work. I set out to put a picture of either of his pets, but I couldn’t find a good one. I searched for ocean life and penguin images. This one caught my attention because it portrays “us.”

See us--strong, healthy, successful, beautiful, majestic emperor penguins standing side by side with this crazy world spinning around us. We are living mindfully in the present keeping our gaze forward, free from distraction. We know where we are headed and what we want for our future.

Lately I’ve been too caught up with my sibling’s, cousin’s, friend’s, and co-worker’s happenings. Although I don’t agree with all of their choices I need to remember that I can only control what’s happening to me. I am a firm believer that things will go the way they should when you make the best choices for you. As I move forward all I can offer is support and hope that they find the empowerment they need to be that emperor penguin gazing forward, free from heartache and distraction, knowing where they are going and what they want for their future.

I would have loved to have this on our debit cards but it didn’t work out. Either way this photo has made an impression and provoked my thoughts.

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