Thursday, April 21, 2011

Luck is largely a matter of paying attention

April is here and my car registration is due. I’ve had my rock chips repaired but one little guy went unnoticed and spread the month before registration. Not such a worry since insurance will cover a windshield. I called to discover that my deductible for glass was set to $500 and I would have to pay $299 out of pocket. I was not expecting that at all. I talked to my agent and he told me to call around to find a lower price. Most places were averaging between $150-$170. 

Driving up the hill on 40th I always see this auto body shop that offers discounts for Weber State students so with hope I stopped to ask if they thought my windshield would pass. The guy said no way, but said he would make a call. He found a guy to do the windshield for $130. I felt better about that and appreciated AA Auto Glass and Liberty Auto’s help. 

I called my Allstate agent so he could let me know how much more I would have to pay to lower my deductible. It was only $8 more a month, but wouldn’t cover my windshield since it cracked before the policy change…as far as I’m aware how do they know when my windshield cracked. I inquired that if a new crack were to spread tomorrow would it be covered then? I got a ridiculous negative!  

By now I was getting my finances together to pay $130 for a windshield. I’ve heard my boss talk about her 2004 vehicle’s registration and I know she said she was only required to do either the emissions or inspection but I couldn’t remember which. I know I probably annoyed her because I asked her like three times to reassure myself that I heard her correctly. I could have sworn my card said both. She advised me to look it up online. I did and sure enough 2004’s only need emissions. I went out to my car to check the card which lists both, but right there in red next to safety inspection is says “not required.” I could have saved myself a lot of worry if I would have just read the card instead of glancing and assuming. Thanks to Jose my card also read that I owe $138,000 for my registration. He reminds me of those kids that turn their F’s into A’s. 

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