Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Gifts

I got a chance to do Jimmy and Leah's Easter gifts tonight. I just need to do Lani's and Janeece's and that takes care of my darling nieces and nephew.

I made Jimmy a tooth fairy pillow.

Lani says Tangled is her and Leah's favorite movie. There is no way I could make this dress fit Lani, so Leah gets it.

Don't worry Lani I have something special for you.

On another note my cat Mooch dislikes me most days. I think she was upset that Jose had to work and she had to hang out with me. So much for studying now.


  1. Your projects look great! Are you teaching yourself how to sew, or did you already know how?! Adam got me my 1st sewing machine for my bday and I'm attempting to teach myself :)

  2. Thanks Sue. My mom has been helping me since I go over and use her sewing machine. What have you tried to make?