Friday, July 20, 2012

Meeting You

Before                                                  After

I received this picture frame at a Christmas gift exchange. I’m a big hater and can’t stand that quote, “Live, Laugh, Love,” not because it’s not inspirational, but because it’s over used and if you know me I’m not into believing the hype and almost refuse to do things because everyone else is doing them. I do allow myself to get suckered into reading certain books though.

I decided to re-design it with a quote I pinned on Pinterest. I reworded it a bit because I didn’t think it would fit and I felt like the word privileged was too formal.

1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, 7 Seas, and I got to meet you.

I think it’s amazing living in this big world where we get the opportunity to meet people who have such an impact on our lives. There are so many people I’m grateful to know, but only 5 frames, so it was difficult choosing who to showcase. If I love you and you aren’t in this frame you’re probably hanging up in another.

Top Left:
When I married Jose I got to join the club of vibrant Angulo women. I can never relate with those mother-in-law horror stories because mine is great. She’s so non judgmental and understanding. The thing I admire most about her is her willingness to serve others. Next, I got a badass sister-in-law Susie who is down for anything. It makes me laugh when her guy, Jaime, describes her as brava because that is exactly what she is. She won’t take crap from anyone, knows how to have a good time and is the best mom. Then there’s Leilannie, my oldest niece, who’s heading towards greatness. This picture was taken April 2012 in Ensenada, Mexico.

Top Right:
This picture was taken in a tuc-tuc in Guatemala on a study abroad trip in 2010. When I started college I knew people went to study abroad, but I never thought it was something I’d do. I’m so glad I went and had the chance to cross paths with Ashley and Kevin. Life is busy so we aren’t able to keep in touch as often as I’d like, but we have great memories together.

This is the most recent picture of the PRAMS Girls taken this June. I’ve known most of them for 6 years. We met at a crucial time in life when we were all transitioning into young adulthood. It’s nice to have this support system. (I don’t like the shadow the frame casts on this picture.)

Bottom Right:
This is a picture of me and two of my favorite roommates I had when I was going to the UofU. Frank is a crazy, fun-loving Georgian and Adam is a Portuguese speaking Californian who now lives in Texas with his wife and one-year-old son. I don’t know if we will ever see each other again, but we keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram and Blogger.

Bottom Left:
This was Halloween 2011 out in good ol’ Plain City, Utah at Parker and Caysie’s Halloween party. These were originally my brother’s friends, he and Parker were born on the exact same day and were best friends growing up. Now they’ve become our friends. We always have a nice, drama free time with them.

I enjoyed re-doing this frame, it ended up being way more than just gluing. I got the chance to reflect on how big the world is and how lucky I am to be Where I’m Supposed to Be meeting such wonderful people. 

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