Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Phones

Our phone contract is up in March so we've been planning on getting new phones. When the iPhone 5 came out we really thought we wanted it, but as the time got closer we started exploring all of the options. We stopped by the mall to check out phones and to get an idea of how much we were going to spend. Of course the salesman told us we were actually eligible for the upgrade at 20 months rather than 24 months. We liked the HTC DNA, but after reading more about it the battery life sucks and it doesn’t let you add extra memory.

This is strange but after we looked at phones we noticed that our current phones started messing up more and more. Everything would force close and they were going really slow. Facebook just kept shutting down, and it had never done that before. What if it’s some kind of conspiracy that when you’re due for an upgrade your provide fucks with you OR it could’ve been all in our heads because we wanted the new phones so bad. I suggested we wait until March like we planned so we could finish saving up. Once Jose sees something he wants he CANNOT wait, every day I would hear about some new feature on some new phone. I think it got to me because I caved and we went to buy phones.

We decided on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It’s huge when you first hold it, but now I don’t think I could go back to a baby screen. The large screen was appealing to me because I like to read on my phone. Jose watches a lot of video on his so it’s perfect for that. It comes with a stylus which is fun. You can draw and it converts your handwriting into text. It’s fast with its quad-core processor. It has cool motion and gesture features that let you make calls just by rotating it or screen shots by swiping your hand across it. I love the 22 hours use battery life. There are probably so many more features that I’m not taking advantage of yet, but I have two years to discover all it can do. 
Old Thunderbolt next to our new phones

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