Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Safe Kids Conference

Going to the Safe Kids Worldwide Conference in Washington D.C. was a blast. It was nice to be in a room full of other safety advocates, or safety police as some see us. One impressionable thing Gary Karton, the director of communications, mentioned was that we're not out there to police people, we care. We understand that kids are going to play and get hurt, but by taking a few precautions we can make sure injuries aren't life threatening. He mentioned that he doesn't make his son wear a snowboarding helmet because he's trying to be over protective, but rather he's giving his son the freedom to play hard and have fun. 

Here's a really cute video with an intense message that was released at the conference. 
I'm all about this because with my strong feelings towards education I know today's children are our future leaders that will create further change in this world.

As a new coordinator the conference was really helpful for me because now I have an idea of what I need to do with my coalition in order to help the community. The top issues I've been passionate about are car and road safety and heatstroke, but the conference introduced a lot of other great safety topics that I look forward to exploring with my coalition members. With my communications background I really enjoyed the workshops about branding, social media, and other media. 

Lunch with the Today Show's Jeff Rossen & Robert Powell
I recommend that you check out the Safe Kids Worldwide website. It's got a ton of great info. 

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