Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Girls' Night with Jelem Until 2015

Our group of seven is about to become six for awhile until Jelem gets back from her mission in Virginia. We're excited for her, but we'll miss her. We just had a girls' night a week ago, but we forgot to take a picture and one friend wasn't able to make it so we had another one.
Ana made us a Peruvian dinner of aji de gallina, which is rice, potatoes, and chicken with Peruvian spices. It was my first time trying that type of food. It was really good, followed by pumpkin ice cream pie. 

Everyone's schedules are crazy this month. Miriam  is leaving to Mexico for a few months, Chelsea is going on vacation to the Dominican Republic and Jenny's niece had a drill team performance, so it was lucky that we were all able to get together last minute. 

We chatted nonsense late into the night. I didn't get home and into bed until almost 2AM. I must be getting too old to be doing that on a weekday because I felt tired and puffy eyed all day. Jose calls us grandmas because we sit around drinking tea and talking. We love our time together. 

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