Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Not sure why it’s been taking me so long to post about Christmas, because it was really, really good. That's saying something for me because I'm pretty aloof when it comes to Christmas. I had a joyful time hanging out with so much family.

Christmas Eve was a little different  this year. We didn't have dinner at the Vigil’s and my mother-in-law didn't make tamales. This year she made chile rellenos and they were delicious. We tried told hold out until midnight to open presents, but the older adults were getting tired. The party was bigger than usual with Tia Ruth, Tia Maria, Bobby and Gaby plus all the kids. We were missing David, Aaron, Susie and her family. We had a lot of fun and are grateful for the nice gifts we received.

Me and my Christmas love

Angelina, Janeece, & Tio Carlos

Jose, Chino & Bobby

Audrey, Janeece, & Jr. 

Anthony did so good socializing this Christmas. 

Me, Stela, Gaby, & Angelina

 Janeece & Papi

We sent a shout out video to family that wasn't able to make it and they sent one back. I think it’s really neat that even though so many of the Angulo siblings are split up in different states & countries everyone gathered where they could, in Syracuse, West Valley, Las Vegas, and Mira Loma. 

Christmas day wasn't our traditional Christmas breakfast and presents. Instead my parents hosted an early dinner of posole. It was our usual family dinner with Nene, Sophee, Aunt Diana, Kiki and his family. It was nice to have my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Selma, Marcelo, Stephanie, & James join us too. After dinner we played Catch Phrase, Jenga, and Smart Ass, it was a lot of fun.

My dad’s family in Mexico posted some really  nice pictures that I wanted to add to this post because I miss them and wish we weren't so far apart. 
My aunts and cousins

Sarai and my little cousins

All of my dad's sisters

Gabi and Chonito

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