Friday, December 13, 2013

Shooting Out of My Comfort Zone

Jose took me to an indoor shooting range. It was super intimidating and loud. At one point I had to talk out loud and pretend I was one of Olivia Pope’s gladiators that needed to learn how to shoot. It worked, sort of. I was able to pull the trigger, but still wanted to close my eyes. I did fairly well and hit somewhere on the target almost every time. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident that I know how to hold a gun, load a gun, and shoot a gun. I don’t want to carry one around with me or anything, but for sport, it’s not too bad.

We stopped at Lucky Slice for pizza and wings. I felt so happy chatting, laughing and playing the Nintendo Ninja Turtles game they have. Why are dates so magical?

It was a really snowy day so we stayed cuddle up at home for the rest of the evening with his and her drinks.

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