Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Dedications

According to my understanding, it is customary in the Apostolic Assembly to dedicate babies to God, because they are his children. He has chosen the parents to raise his child and teach them the ways of the Lord, but they are borrowed and can be called home at any time.

A prayer of gratitude is done to thank God for such a gift and a prayer of protection over the child and parents. Sometimes they include the grandparents or godparents. Of the few things I still believe in, this ritual is okay. I'm all about showing gratitude, no matter what my beliefs are, so of course I was there in support of my family because I love these little guys.

Since it's Friday I thought I'd throw in a #flashbackfriday photo of my dedication. You can see my grandpo, Uncle Tommy, my Aunt/Godmother Diana, my mom, me, and my dad. It's been speculated that my brother was never dedicated so maybe that's why he's had such a hard time. Possible nonsense.

Okay, enough of my opinions, here are pictures from Kaleb & James's dedication.

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