Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st: Time to Write Again

I really need to get back to writing. I have so many ideas and drafted posts of life lately with a new addition to our family. Most days it doesn't seem like I have any time to write, which is a lie, because it seems I have plenty of time to scroll through Facebook nonsense. I always feel like I can't post unless it's from a desktop but that's not practical for me right now. I need to make use of my smart little phone and post from it. Since I can't bring myself to finish up my drafted ideas I'm going to do the typical November gratitude posts to get some type of writing in. I need an outlet. I am also going to limit my Facebook usage this month so hopefully those wasted minutes will be used here. 

Day 1
This one is so obvious, and the most important. I am grateful for my baby boy. I absolutely love him. He's so handsome and sweet. I love watching him wiggle around. I love watching the smiles and joy exchanged between him and his dad. I'm happy for this stage in life so I can continue learning and growing. His dad always tells me that the baby loves me, misses me and sometimes only wants me, but I've got issues about believing I'm worthy and loveable. For a human to absolutely love me feels weird, but I know my little guys does. I'm his food, his comfort, his protector and number one fan. He is the best thing in my world. 

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