Thursday, December 17, 2015

Francisca Tandem Nursed

Today while pumping I was reading this story about my co-workers niece who died in her sleep from Type I diabetes. I was feeling very grateful for my family's health, but sad for my friend. I decided to give my dad a call because conversations with him are so easy going. 

I told him I was on my break pumping and we started talking about breastfeeding. He told me a very special story about my Grandma Perea, his mother, who lived in Mexico. I don't feel like I got to know her very well because I was a little kid and didn't understand the importance of getting to know my grandma and distance and a language barrier didn't help. I often wonder what kind of person she was or if I'm like her. I find myself talking to her like my higher power to hash out my bad days. 

He told me he had a cousin his age whose mother got very sick and had to be in the hospital. This was in a small rancho in Mexico in the 60's, where they didn't have access to formula, so my grandma tandem nursed both boys. 

It feels really special to be able to openly talk about about nursing with my dad because I think many people find it taboo to talk about it with males. Sometimes he jokes with me when I visit that I better go outside and feed my baby. 

This story made my day, knowing how capable our bodies are to nurture and nourish. 

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