Thursday, June 16, 2016

House Hunting

This past winter we loosely talked about buying a different home in the summer. One day I was feeling really overwhelmed and powerless having my privacy and lifestyle criticized yet again by family. It made me want to run away. While driving to work, listening to X96 Radio From Hell there was an ad about Newdwello having grant specialists who can help you find money for a down payment. I looked into it and was contacted by a man named Sterling. 

Although we don't qualify for any grants Sterling has been a great help. We went from not really looking for a home to placing an offer on an amazing home with a breathtaking view. Our offer was accepted, we received financing, paid the down payment, and signed the papers only to find out the owner's deceased wife's children placed a lien on the property. We ultimately declined to continue with that home. It is a beautiful home in the perfect location, but logically we were biting off what we could chew, but could possibly choke on. The yard may have been too much work for us and I didn't want to cut back on eating out and living comfortably. If it was supposed to work out then it would have. We believe in recognizing signs that guide us. It's all about making smart choices and this home would not have been the smartest choice for us.

We did get a family picture after going to closing and signing.

We've continued looking for houses but we have some specifics that make it challenging. It's a sellers market, inventory is scarce. There aren't enough houses on the market for as many buyers that are out there.

What I love most about our current home is the location. We're in Ogden, but tucked away on the west side. It's close to the river and trails, the freeway, lots of local eats and entertainment and I have an easy drive to drop the baby off at my mom's. 

What we don't love about our place is that we don't have a dish washer and only one bathroom. We'd really like an attached 2 car garage. We don't want to do the old fixer-upper house again. It's a lot of work and money and we're tired. 

The dilemma is I want have to be in Ogden. My favorite activities and groups are in Ogden, like Yogis of Ogden and the O-Town Babywearers. I need the beautiful mountains and quick access to trails. I want to raise my child(ren) in Ogden so they can develop a strong sense of community involvement. Ogden is more diverse than the surrounding areas. It's not California diverse, but my children will be exposed to other cultures and religions as opposed to if we moved to a Davis County suburb(I REFUSE). 

The type of house we want and the lifestyle we want conflict. Ogden is made up of old homes. Many of them have been renovated inside so they're gorgeous, but the whole garage thing, they're all detached and rarely fit two cars. We're looking for 4 or 5 bedrooms because we want a whole tribe of children. We're okay settling for 3 bedrooms and possibly moving later. Here's what I'm thinking, if I can convince my husband that a detached garage is something we can work with, could we settle for a lovely Ogden home tucked on the side of the mountain with trees and a view? The downside is we'd have to carry shit a little further and maybe run from house to car in the rain. I think we'll live. 

Our agent tells me to be patient. We'll find a home that aligns with us. 

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