Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Hope It's All In My Head

I was surprised by how many different prints and scraps I had.

I found a cute sewing project on Pinterest that uses fabric scraps. It's a surprise so I can't show you until  September 19th.

The tutorial gave the option of using glue so the fabric won't fray. I bought some and the instructions say to pierce the tip with a fine pin. I was struggling to get the pin all the way through the tip. I used my teeth to pull off the tip so I could stab from the bottom up. Glue squirted out onto my lips. I freaked out because instantly they felt numb. I read the bottle to see if it was toxic. Sure enough it says if it's swallowed you should induce vomiting and call poison control. I made sure to spit and rinse my lips, but can't be 100% sure that some didn't get ingested. I resumed sewing but I swear I started feeling sick to my stomach and dizzy. I can't decide if it was all in my head or the glue. I felt nauseous and kind of wanted to make myself throw up, but I didn't.

Shredded Chicken Tostadas

I'm pretty sure I was okay and well enough to make dinner. I finally made rice that was edible. Probably because I skipped the brown rice and used white.


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  1. This story reminds me of when you ate the poisonous flower off my house plant. Hope you are okay. Be cafeful with those teeth they were made for food not bottles or chewing pieces of plastic! Some things never change lol!

    The dinner you made looks awesome, yea so glad your rice turned out,I didn't know you were using brown rice previously. However after reading your blog about vomiting and seeing the food it did not go well together LOL.

    Ps instructions are so over rated.