Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 Cute! Happy Birthday Janeece

I’m no fun and only think about education so baby J got a book and I made these magnetic letters. They wouldn’t have been possible without help from Tiffany, who cut the letters out on her Silhouette; my mom, who helped me brainstorm whether I should sew, serge or hand stitch; and Jose who cut and kept me entertained by making up words for each letter.

Aren’t the glitter Toms adorable? 

Happy 2nd Birthday Janeece! We love and miss you.


  1. I love when my children have received books as gifts, you're awesome! And you went above & beyond with those magnet letters! Love the different fabric patterns :) and the toms are TOO adorable. What a lucky little girl! :)

  2. I'm so very proud of you and Jose for helping. I know how much you love Stela and her lil ones. Homemade gifts are so very special. Anyone can go out and buy a gift but very few people spend time and effort making special things for those they love

    1. Thanks. That's an interesting perspective, you're right we do love them.