Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look Who's Moving to Bolivia & Chicago

This weekend I said adiós to two inspirational men. I’m excited for the new experiences they're going to have and wish them the best. Don't give up and remember that there are people back home who love and support you.

Saul is on his way to Bolivia to serve a mission for the LDS church for two years. I’m really excited for him to be doing something positive with his time. I think missions are great for boys because they move out of mommy’s house and learn sacrifice and independence. Saul really impressed me with the speech he gave on Sunday at church. He was well prepared and is a natural public speaker. I’m going to miss walking over to Smith’s on my lunch break to hanging out and catch up. I look forward to receiving emails soon about his journey. Here are a few picture from his farewell events.  
Going away dinner with the cousins. Jose, Bro, Saul, Priscilla & Nene

Marisela, Ponchito, Marky Chon, Saul, Priscilla, Stella


I met Luis about 8 years ago when we both belonged to the Apostolic Assembly.  We’ve had some fun and strange times. I can’t express enough how proud I am of his academic success and personal growth. He recently graduated from the University of Utah and is now on his way to Chi-Town to get his Ph.D. at Northwestern University.

Back when Luis was in high school I had to help him with his math.
Homework got boring so we made rice krispies.

Bye Luis!
Yay for technology I'll be able to keep in touch with both of them. I can't wait to see fun pics on Instagram Luis.

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