Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burgers Baby

Monday flew by, before I knew it, it was 2 pm and I hadn’t taken my lunch yet. My brother gave me a sandwich around noon, so I wasn't hungry. I decided I’d run across the street to Smith’s and pick up a few things to make hamburgers for dinner. I ended getting all of the other groceries I needed too. I went to the self check out because I wanted to bag all of the stuff that needed go in the fridge together. That was not a good idea. I had 70 items and the self-checkout is a pain if you ring something up wrong. I felt like the attendant manning the self-checkouts was getting annoyed with me. She came over and took things out of my hands and scanned and bagged them herself. I was pleased with my total, only $100, for not being the grocery store in about a month and buying healthy food. 

I don’t really care for fast food hamburgers, but I love homemade burgers. As Jose was helping me put the groceries away he saw the package of ground beef and wasn’t too sure about me making my own hamburger patties. I couldn’t believe he’d never had homemade patties. We deep fried mushrooms and potato slices. I finished grilling the burgers just before it started pouring. It's sad that grilling days are coming to and end, but I'm ready for the snow!

 My grandpa gave me an umbrella the other day that really came in handy.

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