Monday, October 29, 2012

Spook! Boo! Who Cares!

This Halloween our activity planning committee sent an email out regarding desk decorating, which we do to make it fun for the employees' little ghouls that stop by to trick-or-treat. This was described under the theme spook.
The spook is traveling
No one knows for sure
Who it will be nabbing
This month for sure

Be on the lookout
For decorations galore
Or just a bag of goodies
No one knows for sure

Everyone is invited
So come join the fun
The spook is a travelin
This month for sure
Well Mrs. King didn't like that idea because she says it's a tradition to do BOO! Honestly if I knew she was going to be so dramatic about it I wouldn't have participated at all. I don't give a shit what we call it and the planning committee was first to get the message out so too bad for you Mrs. Control Freak.  Anyway I got sucked into BOO.  I wanted to do something different from all of the spider webs that were going up so I chose a devil theme for Tyler. 


I made the mirror with Tiffany V.'s help.

Cupcakes, skull cups, candles

 Here's what was on my desk! They've definitely kept me entertained.

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