Friday, October 12, 2012

Such An Adult

I feel like the adult I’d imagined I’d be. When I was younger I dreamed of having a career that involved traveling. Last week my husband and I were both on business trips. Jose goes out more often than I do and sometimes I don’t know when he’ll be back. A co-worker of mine thought that was so strange, but we are a very independent couple so it works for us. I mentioned my thoughts to Jose that I like my free time and that I can handle being away from him, he just laughed, because sometimes I’m an emotional, needy wife.  

I went to Las Vegas with five other co-workers for a seminar about updates to our banking platform. Not the most exciting sessions, but Vegas is always entertaining.

                                            Sleepy man                                     Waiting for everyone else to get to the hotel 
                           Working it on the strip, flip flops and all               So freakin' disgusting, the streets of Vegas
                                                            Catered breakfast & lunch                  My baby wearing obsession
            Row all to myself                                    KC & Eric 
                                               Getting ready                                                Me, KC & David
                             Dinner at Dick's Last Resort                                                      The hat says it all! 
     Not cool!!!

                                                        Sushi Night                                                    Absinthe
Eric won a video camera

This seminar happened to be the week before a three day weekend so I postponed my flight home until Monday. I caught a cheap flight from Vegas to Long Beach to spend time with my husband’s sister and family. I felt so happy there. I’m so grateful to call them my family. 

                                              Playing games                                                         She's so sexy 
                   Cali Sunset                                                        I started doing homework so Leah pulled hers out
                                                                 Hiking                                           Getting a massage from Jimmy
                                                           3 footed kitty                                  Leilannie cleaning her room
                                                 Leah loves her puppy                                      
                                                  Hot from hiking                              Seeing how many grapes fit in his mouth

Monday morning I had breakfast with Jose’s best friend’s wife. I forgot to get a picture so this is all I have. She is 36 weeks pregnant and it’s a mystery as to what they’re having.

On the drive home from the airport I was telling my mom how interesting it is to be around teen girls. Not that they’re annoying, but it’s funny to remember that I was like that at one time. I told her how the whole car ride Lani and Jazmin were giggling non-stop, then she slapped me with, like you and Stela. Man I miss that girl.

Jimmy, Susie, Leah, Me, Lani, Jasmine, & Jaime at Famous Daves

I was happy to get home and see everyone, not so happy to catch up on homework. My way of unpacking is as I need something I get it out of my suitcase. My goal is to unpack by the end of the weekend. Hold me to it people.

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