Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I went to get a pedicure that end up taking two hours, because they were busy. I think they wanted me to feel like they were attending to me so they let me soak my feet, then the guy proceeded to pick at my toes for awhile. At one point he yanked on my toenail and it hurt. He pulled out a chunk a nail that he said was an ingrown. First of all it wasn’t hurting like an ingrown and second I didn’t ask him to remove it. I was a little upset about it, but moved on.

The following day my toe was throbbing and started looking infected. Since I’m working in a new area I had to find a new doctor closer to my area. I made an appointment and went in, the nurse listened to my story and said okay I’ll get the kit ready for the procedure. Whoaaa hold on lady. I told her there was no way I was going to get my nail cut because, no offense, that looks so ugly. She said, “I’ll still set up just in case the doctor changes your mind.” Excuse me, my body, my choice. That made me so nervous that  my high pulse concerned the doctor. I assured him I’m just an accelerated person and I’m either really excited or nervous. I started feeling desperate tears coming on, because what if that was my only option and I had to have an ugly toe. Vain I know. Anyway I really appreciated the doctor looking at it and understanding that I was worried. He said it just looked a little infected, but he didn’t think he needed to cut anything out. Thank God! He gave me an antibiotic to take four times a day for ten days. I feel better already. 

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