Monday, June 10, 2013

Motorcycle Diaries

I finally registered the new motorcycle. I’m a little embarrassed to admit some of the stupid moves I made last Friday, but I’m human so here goes. I was at a stop light, at a really busy intersection in Clinton and when the light turned green I killed the engine and almost dropped my bike. Super embarrassing, but I’m glad I was able to hold it up and not cause a big traffic mess. Second, my co-workers wanted to see her so we went out and when I started it up I wasn’t on it and didn’t check if it was in neutral. It wasn’t! I could’ve taken off, but I was holding the brake so it only jerked enough to scare us all. I was pretty disappointed in myself by the end of the day and dreaded riding home in traffic. I took HWY 89 home and it all worked out.

Saturday evening we rode to the movies. The night ride home was my favorite. It’s nice riding without any pressure to be somewhere, just riding for fun. I like being able to follow my husband, he gives me confidence, because I want to be his badass wife on her own bike.

I want to get all of the practice I can so I rode to work this morning. I decided to be daring and take the freeway because even though I'm scared to go fast I feel safer on there than passing through a million intersection. When I was getting ready to go this morning I saw two criminal looking men walking down the street in my direction. I’m not usually scared of people, but I got a panicky feeling. I was just going to hurry , put my helmet on and take off before they could approach me. I also had time to quickly think about what if they came up to me in a threatening way, how would I beat them up? I turned my back to them and while I was putting my helmet on one of them grabbed me by the lonjas (love handles). It scared the shit out of me, but it turns out it was only my brother.  

Here's a picture of the shoe collection under my desk. Boots because I rode my motorcycle, heels because I'm a professional, and Vans because I'm in and out of cars installing car seats and carrying other random heavy things. 

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