Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mule Days

When I was younger, still living at home, we'd always do a Memorial Day weekend trip to Mule Days in Bishop, CA. It's been years since I've been so this year when my dad called to invite me to Jake Clark Mule Days in Ralston, WY I accepted the offer.  My dad's dad recently passed away and the trip was over Father's Day weekend so I was more than happy to go spend some time with my dad, mom and their new pup. 

We went in my dad's nice mega cab Dodge dually. It was so roomy and comfortable and I am so in love with landscapes and beautiful scenery that I enjoyed the 8 hour drive. 

My parents just got a new puppy and she came along. I seriously questioned, "who are these people?", that are letting a dog ride in their vehicle and be cuddled and spoiled. I've never seen my parents so affectionate with a dog. They treat it like a baby. It's really cute and I'm happy for them. Even if they gave less attention to their real baby. 

The event was small compared to the one in Bishop. It mostly consisted of a rodeo and mules on display to be auctioned off on the last day. The highest selling mule went for $29,500. Although mules are beautiful animals I had no idea they were worth that much. 

The rodeo was cool. My two favorite events were the mounted shooting and the wild cow milking. The weather was nuts, it poured on us then got really hot. 

One night we attended the chuck wagon dinner. It was a nice rib-eye steak with all the fixin's . 

On the way home we drove a different route and came through Yellowstone. It was gorgeous, but at times dangerous with all of the wildlife on the road. The Dodge Ram came up really close to some real ram.

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