Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MPC Graduation

It's been two months since graduation. My diploma actually just arrived in the mail last week. It didn't set in right away that it was over. After not having homework or classes  and getting back on a consistent evening schedule it finally feels real. 

I was so excited for my hooding ceremony. It was an evening ceremony of just my cohort and our families. It was a special honor to have our professors place our masters hood over our heads and onto our shoulders. They did it fairly quickly so it wasn't on very good and looks silly in my photos in case you're wondering.  

I was looking forward to speeches from some of my favorite classmates. They did a stellar job portraying what it was like in the program and describing the bond we all built. I love them all and will miss meeting up with them for class. 

Just a side note, I don't mean to be a downer on a celebratory post, but I just want to make sure my journaling is accurate. I was excited and looking forward to the evening festivities, but I received the some horrible news that afternoon. I'm just glad I had the support of the two people in this world who have always been rooting for me since day one and who understand how important education is to me, because unfortunately there are several people who love me, but put me down about how educated I am. Thanks Mom and Dad. 

The next day was a commencement ceremony I did not attend, because I remember my undergrad one and it was boring and long. I didn't want to make anyone have to suffer through that. My college convocation was later on in the afternoon. Since it was the College of Arts and Humanities it was a very entertaining ceremony with musical and theatrical performances. I was happy that my grandparents, cousins, parents, and friend Ashley were able to attend. They're my biggest fans. We had a nice lunch afterward at Goodwood. 


 My mom wrote me the nicest card and got me a Pandora bracelet 

 Things I love-snow, yoga, picture taking

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