Saturday, December 27, 2014

NYC Trip

We've had to opportunity to go to New York on the back burner. I thought it would be fun to go see the Christmas decorations, so my cousin Tiffany hooked us up with JetBlue tickets and we were off on the red eye flight. JetBlue is by far my favorite airline. Upon boarding they gave us eye masks and earplugs. You also get unlimited drinks and snacks. The crew was always friendly too.

I've been wanting to try Airbnb for a place to stay, especially since I wanted this to be cheap trip and hotels in Manhattan are expensive. We got to NY around 9:30 AM. I reached out to a few hosts. One sounded really amazing, but we couldn't check in until 4 PM. We didn't want to carry our bags around so we went with another lady's place. It sucked. It was weird and the bathroom and kitchen area had 5 cats and stinky litter. Our room was dark and warm, so at least we slept okay. One good thing about the place was it was in a gret location, close to the subway and bus lines. 

We visited Times Square, Radio City, Rockefeller Center. We walked so much because we kept going in the wrong direction and had to backtrack a block or two. Our legs were throbbing; I loved it. 

We rode the subway a few times, but prefered buses so we could be above ground and see more of the city. We visited the American Museum of Natural History and watched the ice skaters in Central Park. We would've ice skated, but it was pricey, cold, and there was a long line. 

 It's interestng what people have to do to keep their bumpers from getting bumped. Parallel parking is no joke in this city. 
Every corner has dog piss on it. 

From East to West Coast we spent a night in Long Beach, CA. It was funny how we got used to public transportation and walking. We wanted to walk to our hotel, but it wasn't close enough. We missed the bus by a few minutes so we ended up taking a cab. The next morning we took a bus back to the airport. 

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