Friday, March 23, 2012

Takes Some Self-Control

Remembering back when we only had one income it was so easy to have self control and not eat out or buy useless shit. Now that we’re back to two incomes I am struggling. I’ve often mentioned how cheap and tight I am with money. Tight meaning I prefer saving money for a rainy day. Cheap in that it’s not my instinct to buy unnecessary, overpriced items because the media tells me to.  I’ve become more lax on my spending habits because Jose and I have to cooperate on how we spend our money. I have learned that paying more for quality is a lot better than paying less for quantity.

Back to my struggle. This is week two of me attempting to  not eat out.

First, it gets expensive spending $10 per meal. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day because I get to go out and try something different every day. I’ve come to the realization that this has got to stop.

Second, eating out is not the healthiest choice. Fast, processed food, although delicious, is not very nutritious. Don’t be deceived that if you are at a sit down restaurant, rather than fast food, it’s better for you. All that deliciousness is very high in calories and fat.

Third, there is joy in cooking. I love the feeling of focusing and creating that comes from preparing a meal.

To keep myself going I just keep thinking of how much money I’m going to have to spend on something cool and how much happier my body will be because I’m not putting as much junk in it.

Here are a few pictures of some of the things I’ve eaten and some stories behind the pics. 

Jose wasn't here tonight so I got to have ground beef and corn. This is one of my favorite things(not his) that I crave. I like the taste, but it also reminds me so much of my Grama Lola. She used to make this.  

Not nutritious, but my grandpo brought me a box so I stored a few in my desk drawer. Now I can't go out and eat with the excuse of I didn't having anything for lunch. 

I am not a hamburger person, don't ever get crave them. The only ones I really like are home made burgers.

 Spinach Shake

 Key Lime Greek Yogurt

Left over flautas

 Turkey Sandwich

 Sandwich and strawberries

Thanks again to my grandpo for bringing me a box of cereal.
 This lunch item here is toast with avocado. I got the idea from an old co-worker's blog

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