Saturday, March 10, 2012



I've biked three times this week. Sunday I went with an old classmate Amanda on the Legacy Trail. Thursday after work I hit the trails behind my house where I took this picture. Friday my brother and I rode around Ogden, then met my parents for dinner. Along the ride I lost my license, we back tracked and found it. We were too cold and full to ride home so my dad let us put the bikes in the back of his truck and gave us a ride home. 

Here's a map of mine and Bro's ride. 


This is one of my many water bottles, I never go anywhere without one. I drink water all day, everyday. Are you wondering what that sticker is all about? I MAKE IT RAIN! Check out my friend's clothing company IMIR Design.


It was a beautiful, warm day so I took my niece to the park. I had no idea this little girl was so loud. She babbles and talks to herself constantly. It's so cute and interesting. 

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