Monday, March 26, 2012

Last of Daily Photos

I'm so behind on my March pics. I've been enjoying the nice weather by doing a lot of bike riding, projects around my house and I have a vacation coming up,  so this will be my last post relating to photo-a-day for awhile.

Jose gave me these as a just because. We looked at them several times together, but I was just too cheap to buy them. I love them because they are red

Another recipe inspired by Pinterest, The Green Monster Shake. I throw in whatever fruit I have on hand.

A Corner of Your Home
My cute little Mooch having a sip of water on the corner of the house where a majority of water drains off the roof. Definitely need to get those gutters soon.

I found these curtains at Walmart for $3.00. I have been meaning to redo my living room with a Japanese theme and this teal color. Since I needed a before and after I finally made the time to mend these curtains. Thanks to my mom for teaching how to sew and thanks to her friend, Ester, for giving me a sewing machine. 

I highly recommend you try key lime greek yogurt. It is so good! You already know I love almonds. Actually the banana and almonds were supposed to be made into a breakfast shake, but I didn't have enough time so I just brought them along as snacks. I rarely eat bananas unless they are sliced into my ice cream. 

The End!

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